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needed as far as the president goes. he will return to washington later today. >> reporting live from chicago i'm renee marsh back to you. >> mitt romney took to the stage late last night to concede that rise. he spoke briefly in a speech very different from the 1 hours earlier. more on the former massachusetts governor last words. >> in the early hours of election day he said he called president obama and the race was over. >> if i so wish that i have been a will to fulfill your hopes and leaving the country in a different direction. the nation shows another leader. so and and i join with you too earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. >> the move was a stark contrast to his announcement in june 2011. >> i believe in america and i'm running for president of the nine states. >> and to the crowd to welcome him on a last minute a election day trip to the critical state of ohio and pennsylvania. >> thank you for your work. you guys are families. thank you so much. >> neither state went rummies way making it impossible for him to pick up the two month 70 elect four votes needed
hercules schoolteacher say a 24 year- old darnell washington and his wife killed 55 year-old susie koe. on the course of a crime spree last month. there were arrested in washington state after they were spotted driving the victim's car. his chart with murder, carjacking. he could be eligible for the death penalty. he is scheduled to enter a plea next week. his wife is waiting to be extradited from washington state. >> and kidnapping happened at 730 in the evening of the victim was leaving her job in walnut creek two men apparently attacked. the storm was walking to her car in remote parking lot. >> they accosted her. vorster into our own vehicle. put a blindfold on her and untied her feet and hands. they drove around for what we think is several hours. attempted to obtain money from her bank accounts. >> police believe the suspect stock at eight different atm machines before letting the woman go in oakland hills. she was found by someone in the area will call 911. she was treated for minor injuries and released from a hospital. >> student at uc-berkeley are demanding more than just the
developing news. you are looking at live pictures out of washington d.c. where former cia director david pedtreau will testify before the house. the testimony is regarding the 911 attack in benghazi. it killed ambassador chris stevens. cia officials say they constantly review performance and are not looking for any particular outcome from this investigation. the cia inspector general office will be that investigation the trays will go before the congressional committee-- petreaus. >> we're watching the lettuce with gas prices. $3.92 is the average price. oakland is cheaper. $3.80. in san jose rather gas going for an average of $3.76. all in all continue to fall. the state averages about $3.81. this morning with a quick break the time is 4:07. we have a live look from the bay bridge approach 80 the not look nearly as well as the golden gate bridge did. will have more coming up for you did a little bit. we are back 4:09 is the time. plans for unemployment benefits jumped a little bit. taking a look at futures of-the dow off 46 points in early trading. yesterday the dow lost 28. adjutancy.
on the ballot in several states. voters in maine and maryland and washington state will decide whether to legalize and their state. if it passes in any of those three states it would be the first time same-sex marriage was made legal by popular vote. court orders have made it legal in six states of four. meanwhile minnesota will vote on whether to place a ban on same-sex marriage in its constitution. >> what most people will likely focus on the presidential race six states will have measures on the ballot involving marijuana. is not a medical marijuana. voters in three states will consider measures that would legalize recreational use of marijuana. the proposal in colorado, oregon, in washington allow small amounts to be possessed. the drug will be subject to state regulation and taxes. if the plant texas--passes and any of those states the battle with the legal--the u.s. government is likely. >> the call accounting clerk says there with religion some thousand votes and by melba. 185 have been tallied. he is on the public to be careful with their ballots. any that are received today th
schoolteacher susie koe is set to enter a plea to the charges. darnell washington and tonya washington are charged with the woman's death. she was found in a room with several stab wounds after she failed to pick upper house and from the airport last month. they are also charged with a crime spree in southern california. we will have new rest to report in the end of his attack resulted in the unit was being forged. we have the video we have been showing you for a while. a bystander took the photograph. several people setting the bus on fire and smashing out windows. the damage has been estimated at close to $1 million. police announced a second place in the case and are looking for several of the suspects. an elderly disabled man was struck and killed in a hit- and-run accident in sonoma county. 93 year old man was crossing studly street at fifth street west of a wheelchair. it was an electric scooter when he was struck shortly before 4:00 p.m.. witnesses said they saw apt cruiser struck the man and drive away. he was taken to a local hospital where he died. authorities later found the
affairs. all of this comes at a critical time in washington. the closed hearings on the deadly attack in benghazi libya. petrus was forced to testify however someone else would not speak in his place. >> immigration reform could be taking center stage in washington. censors from york and south carolina are said to restart talks. they believe they will be able to get them passed. the bipartisan plan has four key elements there is strong or border security and a tough love pat for citizens wore already in the u.s.. applicants also have to learn english and maintain a job. >> meanwhile the bbc general director has resigned after the net work ran a report wrongly i accusing a director of child abuse. the politician was not named in the broadcast but there are suggestions 0.2 alastair mcalpine. >> more ahead on the kron for morning news with a quick break. at live look outside from our walnut creek camera. we can see the light not really foggy in the east bay. a chilly start to the morning. the time is for:28 we will be right back with more. 4:28 all combat. the time is for:4:30 on this mo
is unknown. total estimated damage is around $100,000. >> talks continue in washington on the so-called fiscal cliff and mix of tax increases and spending cuts take effect next era. martha shane has more. >> we want an agreement to an agreement. republicans and democrats have 48 days to come up with that agreement and avoid having the nation over a fiscal cliff. the president will meet with top american ceos to get their thoughts. on tuesday labor leaders went to the house to discuss a tax increase unless congress compromises. >> the president like we are his committed to preserving the tax breaks for the middle class and making sure rich people pay their fair share. >> if things do not change the tax cuts will expend for middle income americans in january. the estimated house will face a tax increase of $3,500. >> thinking a refund may not be a possibility for some people will use the money to take care of the expenses. that would be tough. >> democrats want higher taxes on the wealthy and keep the current tax rate for the middle class. republicans want to cut government spendin
wanting talks in washington over the narrowing budget deficit and the fiscal cliff but will keep updating you as congress members of both sides of the aisle hopefully work to the agreement before the end of the year. stocks rallied on a pair of good report on jobs and on the housing market. you can see the dow in the day up 36. almost 37 points to close over 13,000. the nasdaq was also up 20 points. and s&p gained six. . we will see what trading quotes are in store when the opening bell rings at 638 in. >> living social is laying off 400 employes in what has become the latest sign trouble in the online coupon sector. this comes a month after amazon .com reported a loss that-and worse off an expected. due in part to its investment in live in social. a company spokesman says, the job cuts will allow the company to invest in other areas, such as mobile efforts. the spokesman, and also with all suggestions from critics. that daily online deals are doomed. >> power what is coming to california. on the heels of the winston eyes record 5 $8 million jackpot drawing. the state commission's voted y
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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